Poima Balear

Poima Balear is a company specialized in Design, Manufacture and Installation of high-end industrial kitchens for hospitality business.

Our main goal, is to make each project unique and special, for that we have a highly qualified and dynamic multidisciplinary team that works closely with our manufacturers to be able to offer high quality products and avant-garde designs at a very competitive price.

Most of our projects are equipped with the latest solutions in energy efficiency, which is why Poima Balear is especially eco-friendly.

When our clients bring a concept or an idea, our project department is a able to provide a plan and a solution with all the machinery and furniture needed, making all the necessary modifications until the final implantation.

We provide our client’s construction team with the distribution plans, partition walls, electrical outlets, plumbing, extractions and gas. We supervise that everything is fulfilled correctly, and our assembly team is responsible for executing the project always looking for the most appropriate solutions for the perfect installation.